Early Supporter Surprise Event

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


As we are launching our $ZWT token on the 10th of Feb 2022 through ZILO public sale (details here), we would like to show our gratitude and give back to our early supporters. We will not be where we are today without all of you.

With this, we will be having a surprise event for all early zilWatch supporters and users.


Simply connect your wallet and register through the button on zilWatch.io.

Early supporter registration banner

The registration will be done through smart contract, and there is no fee required (other than gas fee). When registering your wallet, Please ensure that:

  1. You are on zilWatch.io website (and not other phishing site)
  2. You are interacting with contract zil1lwehmckuqqqzzqrhll5wcqq8k7kdamgnsvn3sa
  3. You are signing the transaction with only gas fee

After registration, just wait for the transaction to be processed in the blockchain, and once approved, you should see this screen on zilWatch.io.

Successfully registered

Results announcement (1 month after ZILO)

Only wallets registered in the smart contract (e.g., map_wallet attribute) will be eligible to participate in our surprise event. Please note that we have never mentioned that anyone will receive a prize or airdrop.

The details of the event will be announced 1 month after our ZILO. So, stay tuned and join our community! :)

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