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Welcome to zilWatch!!!

As Zilliqa ecosystem is maturing with more and more decentralized applications, it’s also harder to keep track of our assets in the Zilliqa network. We have to go to different websites or platforms to view our assets and farms, especially the more complex ones such as liqudity pool (LP).

Our team feels the pain, and decided to build, a smart dashboard for Zilliqa. Viewing your assets is just one-click away! Visit, and tap the “Connect” button. Everything will be shown in one simple page.

Connecting ZilPay wallet to

Our focus is on convenience, speed, and simplicity. We would like to help fellow Zilliqans to save time when tracking their Zilliqa assets.

You can view using desktop browsers with ZilPay extension, or on-the-go using ZilPay mobile app browser.

Visit via ZilPay Browser

What exactly can I see in BETA?

In this initial BETA launch (as of today, 18 April 2021), you will be able to see:

Tokens shown are limited to ZILs and the current top 20 ZRC-2 tokens.


No reason in particular. Just like any other tech products, we first launch to the public as BETA, to gather feedback and fix as many bugs as possible.

Usually a release (non-BETA) version is expected to be rock solid and bug-free since they have been battle-tested in BETA for months.

How does it work behind the scene?

We process and aggregate data on your device (client-side) using available public APIs (e.g., Zilliqa, Zilswap APIs, etc). The data shown in zilWatch are 100% public data, which can be viewed by anyone (e.g., by using ViewBlock).

We take privacy seriously, hence we do NOT store any data from your wallet. Furthermore, we are a non-transactional dApp. Please do NOT approve any transactions from zilWatch as it might be a phishing site that tries to steal your tokens!

Still have burning questions? Please visit our FAQ page or don’t hesitate to join our Telegram group.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and welcome to zilWatch family! We hope you like our product! :D :D

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-- is a smart dashboard to track your ZILs and ZRC-2 tokens in your wallet, liqudity pool farms, and staked tokens.