Introducing zilWatchBot
2 min readJun 19, 2021


We are proud to introduce zilWatchBot, your personal assistant for Zilliqa (on Telegram). zilWatchBot is designed to complement our existing smart dashboard as it includes customizable features that you can tailor to your needs in tracking ZRC tokens. In its initial launch, zilWatchBot will include the following features:

  • Multi-currency
  • Favourite tokens
  • Price alert notifications
  • Viewing of tokens sorted by market cap or % change

How to use?

When you start interacting with zilWatchBot, you can immediately set your preferred currency and also customize the list of tokens you want to track. You can quickly view the prices of these tokens and the 24h change with a simple command /p.

Set up the bot for the first time

You can also click on the token or use the command /<tokensymbol> for more detailed information about the token.

Alerts are supported in zilWatchBot. You can set the alerts using /add and the bot will notify you once your target price is reached. You can check your alerts by the quick command /a.

Manage alerts in zilWatchBot

You can also view ZRC tokens sorted by market cap or percentage by using commands /top or /bottom.

To navigate around the bot, simply use the /m command to get the menu.

You could also type certain commands without using the inline keyboards. To learn these commands in detail, just pull up the help command with /h.

Navigate around the bot and get help

zilWatchBot can also be added to a group, but its settings will be shared with all members in the group.

Still have questions?

If you still have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to contact us (and follow us) on the following channels.



Start using @zilWatchBot at


-- is a smart dashboard to track your ZILs and ZRC-2 tokens in your wallet, liqudity pool farms, and staked tokens.