Last update: 2 July 2021

1. What is zilWatch?

2. Who are we and why are we building zilWatch?

Our mission is to build inclusive products which can benefit every single Zilliqan. Therefore, dashboard is free and always will be.

We are an independent team, not affiliated to any individuals, companies, or organizations.

3. Which wallets are supported?

4. Do you have a mobile app?

Visit via ZilPay Browser

5. Is zilWatch free-of-charge?

6. Is zilWatch safe? Can it steal my tokens?

Update: Now you can swap on zilWatch which directly interacts with ZilSwap smart contract on the blockchain. Please make sure you are visiting our official site and not a phishing website when swapping on zilWatch.

If you don’t feel comfortable, feel free to clone our code on GitHub and run it locally on your machine.

7. If no transaction is needed to view my wallet, why do I need to connect my wallet?

Connecting wallet is needed if you would like to swap on zilWatch.

8. Is zilWatch audited? Is zilWatch code public?

9. What about my private data? Are they stored?

10. I am confused, how to interpret the figures and numbers?

  • Wallet Balance: FIAT equivalent of tokens in your wallet
  • LP Balance: FIAT equivalent of tokens in liquidity pool (excluding potential reward next epoch)
  • Staking Balance: FIAT equivalent of tokens in all Zilliqa staking seed nodes

FIAT represents the currency that you choose (e.g., USD, SGD, EUR).

11. There are missing fields or data in zilWatch. What do I do?

12. Some of my tokens do not appear in zilWatch. Are my tokens gone?

Please refresh the page by pressing the button at the top right. Sometimes the API calls are not successful and hence results in missing data or tokens.

13. Why are some ZRC-2 tokens are not shown in zilWatch?

14. I still have other questions and feedback! How do I contact the zilWatch team? is a smart dashboard to track your ZILs and ZRC-2 tokens in your wallet, liqudity pool farms, and staked tokens.